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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

We try to answer the most popular questions here, in no particular order.  If you don't find an answer, just give us a call, but we'll try to give you the most basic useful info.

I'm interested in booking an event.  When is the Depot available?

Usually about mid-September to early May when the museum is closed for the season, however even when the museum is open we can host receptions and smaller events. The outdoor courtyard and adjacent park are also available. Private events may not be listed on the calendar, so call us about dates first, after you've read all about holding your event on this page.

My great-grandfather used to work for the railroad in Livingston.  Can you help me get more information on him?

 The NP once employed thousands of people in Livingston way back when, in fact most of the workforce of the entire town, and they discarded a lot of records just as people do today, especially around the time of the merger.  Your best sources might be the Minnesota Historical Society or getting suggestions from the Northern Pacific Railway Historic Association (nprha.org);  the Yellowstone Gateway Museum (222-4184) also has just a little more info too.  

When's your next Blues at the Depot concert?

 The Blues at the Depot shows are currently in indefinite hiatus due to the soft economy, good event-specific talent, and the need for additional show sponsors. Stop by Blues at the Depot for any updates on this or the Big Railroad Blues.

I'm interested in presenting at your next  Festival of the Arts.  How do I get in?  

If you guarantee you do your own fine arts or crafts (no imports, etc.), call us to get on the mailing list for the applications, which normally go out around mid-March or so.  If you used to get the form and don't now, we use a bulk mailing permit to send those, and the postal service does not normally return those for address corrections, meaning you forgot to tell us you moved or changed your address, so you'll need to advise us directly.  

I lost something at an event I attended.  Do you have a lost and found?  

If you've contacted the event's sponsor already, we usually keep things we find for a month or two; give us a call.  

If I have my wedding reception / party / concert there, how long in advance can I decorate?

It depends.  Technically you only rent the place for the day of your event.  We usually try to let you decorate in advance if the schedule permits, but occasionally we'll book something the day before, so we'd have to clean up beforehand, which means you might have to decorate late morning.  But while we make no guarantees, that's normally the exception and earlier would be possible.

I'm a Foundation member, but I didn't get my renewal card or it has the wrong date.  

It doesn't happen often, but alas, to err is human.  Don't be shy about advising us and we'll correct it.  It's also possible that as a small nonprofit we're just behind in trying to get it back to you with the latest goings-on, so please give us a patient week or two.  If your renewal seems to come earlier than expected, remember we usually send your reminder at a fixed month of the year but keep you current if you don't respond, so a tickler reminder process can even go a few months into the new year, but we don't move the schedule up on you.  Thanks for being a member!

Can I get a bus ticket there? 

We're a historic train place, but this is actually an occasional question. If you mean for out of state, you probably want Jefferson Bus Lines (800-451-5333), whose stop is at the east end of town. If you're looking for the historic Yellow Bus Tours through the downtown, they operate during the summer museum season, and you should have no trouble getting a space without a reservation Friday and Saturday at 6:30 p.m. out front. For special bookings, call Pat at 222-5214 or Jack at 222-5275.

Where can I buy tickets for the Chocolate Lovers' Party or other events?

For the chocolate event, usually through any Rotary member. For events hosted by other nonprofits such as Big Brothers/ Big Sisters, please contact the host directly or see details on an event poster. For Depot-hosted events such as the Wine and Beer Tasting or Rounhouse Roundup, call the Depot directly at 222-2300.

Have fun while you're here!



The Livingston Depot Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to enriching the lives of residents of Livingston and surrounding, communities, and tourists to the Yellowstone area by (1) restoring, preserving and protecting the historic Northern Pacific depot, now a community cultural center--The Livingston Depot Center; (2) presenting and promoting the visual and performing arts, culture, history of the Yellowstone Region, and educational programs in the arts and humanities; and (3) promoting community involvement, tourism and economic development through the operation and use of the Livingston Depot Center

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